Reviv3 Procare Review

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Reviv3 Procare three-part system safely prevents hair loss by removing DHT laden sbum, the leading cause of hair loss, ass well as heal the scalp and follicles to produce fuller, shinier and more voluminous hair.
Although my hair is not thinning I do consider myself to have fine hair (just have a lot of it). I am always looking for products to help with increasing volume without all those chemicals. If you wouldn't put those chemicals in your body WHY would you put them on your hair? After receiving these products I decided I would use them for a month straight before doing a review. I'm super impatient and need to see results immediately but thats not how things work :)
First off my hair actually looks and feels fuller. The shampoo really cleanses without over-drying your scalp; which is great for me because naturally my scalp is more on the oily side. The conditioner is mentholated which gives a very clean, minty feeling (love the smell!). It also does a good job conditioning my ends. After you get out of the shower you apply the third step which is the 'Micro Activ3 Treatment Spray'. It's a super easy spray that goes directly on your scalp, that you just rub in. The best part of the spray is that it doesn't leave your scalp oily at all! This treatment is safe for natural and color treated hair.
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