Summer Beauty Needs

Summer Beauty Needs

Even though I don't use a ton of makeup, I like to change it up depending on what season it is.  Here are a few of my favorite beauty items I believe are a must this season:
  1. Chanel Nail Colour 'Eastern Light & Mirabella': I like colors that make my tan look even better thats why I stick to whites and brighter colors during Summer.  
  2. Bobbi Brown Brick Compact 'Apricot Shimmer': You don't need bronzer when its Summer! This peachy shimmer is a perfect highlighter for your already tanned face. 
  3. BADgal Mascara: Every girl needs a waterproof mascara. Don't be that girl at the beach that has mascara dripping down her face. I've tried a lot and this one is definitely my favorite! 
  4. MAC Lipstick 'Tangerine Dream': Orange is forever a Summer favorite. 
  5. Shiseido 'Ultimate Sun Protection' Cream SPF 50+: This is by far the most important item! This cream is very water-resistant, smooth, transparent and has a non-sticky finish. The sun has gotten so much stronger over the years and thats exactly why I stick with SPF 50+. 

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    1. YES love all of these picks! I bought the Shiseido summer set bag and really love the "Urban Environment" formula too, although it has a little bit less SPF (42+). And coral is just perfect with every skin tone/shade of gold shimmer.
      Thanks for commenting on my blog girl, really means a lot! Keep it up with the great posts xx

      Pretty in Python