Spring Dress

Definitely didn't think I would ever say this but the time has come. 
I'm trying to save to buy a house, which means I need to cut down on my spending habits. One of my biggest categories is shopping *surprise* (food comes in second).  I love clothing and knew it would be super hard to cut down. So instead of never buying clothes again, I started looking at more "budget friendly" sites. Yes I will still splurge from time to time but I'm kinda over spending $100+ on a white t-shirt ya know? For so long I felt like budget friendly clothing looked cheap on me but somehow great on my friends. Anytime I asked my friends what they were wearing they would always respond, "I got it at Zara (or h&m/asos/etc..)." When I look at any of those websites I find nothing! What am I doing wrong?! I randomly stumbled onto PrincessPolly.com and oh my I'm obsessed! I feel like they are more California cool which I think is more my style. The dress I'm wearing in these photos are from there and its under $50! 

Some of my favorite budget friendly spring dresses (all under $50)

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