Skincare routine with Nu Skin's ageLOC LumiSpa

I know that I don't usually talk a lot about my skin care routine and to be honest, it’s because I’d never found one that made a dramatic difference to my skin. I'm constantly looking for products that would greatly improve the condition of my skin, so I wanted to find the perfect routine before I share it with all of you. As I get older (I’m currently 27, grandma status) I've been making beauty and skincare a priority. I don't wear too much makeup so having healthy skin is always a goal of mine.

I consider my skin to be "bipolar" also known as combination. Some days it can be oily, dry and even red from irritation. It's super hard to pick out products for combination skin, since you’ll never know how your skin is going to react. 

In this post I share my experience with my new go-to device.

I fell in love with this skincare line, Nu Skin months ago. They recently came out with a device called LumiSpa which has been a real game-changer. 

I won't lie, I was very skeptical to try the LumiSpa at first. When I tried Clarisonic years ago the brush was way too harsh for my skin. My cheeks took a huge beating and were red for days. Luckily, this was not the case with LumiSpa, the silicone treatment head was very gentle, yet effective. The system includes the device, silicone treatment heads, and ageLOC LumiSpa cleansers. The cleansers use Nu Skin’s propriety blend of natural ingredients which includes; Japanese knotweed, pomegranate extract and milk thistle, which work much better than harsh chemicals for youthful looking skin.

How to use: 

*The device is waterproof so you can use it in the shower. I like to use it in front of my sink so I can use the mirror but it's up to you. Also, you don't need to take off your makeup before using this. But if you are wearing heavier makeup such as, mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner, I recommend taking it off before as you should never use this device near your eyes.*

Moisten your face with warm water and apply cleanser to all areas of face (I tested using my own cleanser to see how it worked, but the results were not the same. I recommend only using the Nu Skin cleanser). Wet the treatment head and turn on your device. Gently glide the device back and forth over one area of your face, do not scrub or move too quickly (If you aren't sure if you are pressing or scrubbing too hard, the device will stop and vibrate once slowly as a warning, this is some seriously smart technology!) The device will do three stops every 30 seconds to prompt you to move from one area on the face to the next. Once the device stops, rinse your face.

What surprised me most was the immediate differences I saw in my skin right after the first few uses. My face was so much smoother and brighter. After a few weeks of using it every day (yes you can use it every day, twice a day, morning and evening, for max results, it's that gentle!) my skin feels so much tighter and the little lines on my forehead are less visible. I live a very busy lifestyle, so a six-step morning/nightly routine does not work for me. This quick and effective treatment only takes a total of 2 minutes, which is always doable!


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