Plaid & Leather Fringe

I combined my two favorite trends for my outfit yesterday: plaid & leather (faux is fine too :) ).  What I love about the vest is that it has fringe to make it a little different! 
Dress: Rails
Heels: Saint Laurent
Sunnies: Dior

I consider myself a beginner to the blogger world, I learn new things everyday.  The most important thing to me are photo quality and unfortunately can be the hardest part when you don't have a "professional" taking your photos.  I'm a perfectionist and I like all my photos to have the same light theme but that's not always the case.  Instead of getting upset I've accepted the fact that everything takes time to get just right.  So I decided not to slave away at photoshop for hours and just post the pictures as is, you can see how quickly it became dark (not a fan of the time change!)

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