Embellished Knees & Halter Tops

Top: For Love & Lemons (different color)
Denim: Black Orchid
Heels: Saint Laurent
Crossbody: Chloé 

I use to Sundays to break away from reality a little bit.  I TRY (usually fail) to stay away from social media and just relax, oh and also absolutely no work on Sundays.  Gives my mind and body a break and prepare for the week to come.
I love denim thats different with rips and studs, gives them personality.  The embellished knees spice up what would of been a casual outfit.  I'm not much of a light denim gal but I'm working on it (reminds me of being in high school yuck!).  I paired my denim with a knit halter top that totally reminds me of Marsha Brady (maybe my hair has something to do with it).
What is your favorite go to casual outfit?