Embellished Knees & Halter Tops

Top: For Love & Lemons (different color)
Denim: Black Orchid
Heels: Saint Laurent
Crossbody: Chloé 

I use to Sundays to break away from reality a little bit.  I TRY (usually fail) to stay away from social media and just relax, oh and also absolutely no work on Sundays.  Gives my mind and body a break and prepare for the week to come.
I love denim thats different with rips and studs, gives them personality.  The embellished knees spice up what would of been a casual outfit.  I'm not much of a light denim gal but I'm working on it (reminds me of being in high school yuck!).  I paired my denim with a knit halter top that totally reminds me of Marsha Brady (maybe my hair has something to do with it).
What is your favorite go to casual outfit? 


  1. Love your top, the shade of colors look so lovely. x


  2. I like this your post a lot! It’s amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Diana Cloudlet