Undone hem x fringe moment

Denim: Mother
Jacket: ThePerfext
Heels: Zara
Bag: Chloé

Its been forever since I posted on here! Once again work consumes my life but hey I'm not mad about it :) 
As we welcome "El Nino" I'm still stuck dressing in suede and denim (I should probably invest in a raincoat soon).  
When it comes to classics, suede is definitely my go to.  I can easily transition each piece into any season. I live in denim year around and find it perfect to pair together.   It was about time skinny jeans took a break, thankfully undone hem came back around! Mother denim makes the most comfortable pair and the flare at the bottom is quite perfect.  If you have some old denim laying around I suggest chopping off the ends to have something new and cool to wear. 

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