Staying Fit with uforia Studios

Growing up I was always active in sports: soccer, basketball and cheerleading… when that ended I didn't really do anything to keep up the healthy lifestyle. I was very blessed with the "skinny" gene (thanks Mom!) naturally I always had abs no matter what I did or didn't do. Five years ago I got my first gym membership. I would be consistent for about a month or two and then drop off- until now.

Slowly, all my friends started taking classes at various studios instead of going to the gym. I didn't understand their addiction and never wanted to join in. To be honest, I was terrified of classes, what if I wasn't the best in the class? What if I couldn't do certain things? Or what if I just flat out embarrass myself? Luckily that isn’t the case at uforia.

Uforia is the first studio I ever took a class at… happy to report I survived my first class and will be going back for more :)

They offer three types of classes: grit, dance and revolutions. The class I took is called revolutions. It is a 45 minute dance & music inspired cycle class. The staff and instructor were extremely friendly and helpful. When I first got there, as a new member they showed me around the studio and went over everything I needed to know. Before the class began a staff member came around and help adjust your bike and clip your shoes into the machine if needed (which of course I did!). 

During the class, there was absolutely no judgment from anyone. It was a hard workout but I pushed through it! Working out alone is perfectly fine, but I don't think I would of had such a good workout if I didn't have an instructor "cheering" us on and a room full of people trying to achieve the same goal.

I highly recommend trying uforia studios, I promise you won't regret it! Use my promo code 'sierrachantal' to receive a free class. To use the code please select the "single class" pricing option. Would love to hear your experience after you take a class!

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