Summer Skin with Clarins

I think I'm becoming a skincare junkie, which isn't a bad thing right?
Having always struggled with sensitive skin and occasional breakouts, it is important for me to stay on top of my skincare routine. I am constantly in the sun and in the summer, my skin can get really oily. To avoid this I usually lay off the products. 

Coming into summer means my skin is desperate for some extra love! For my skin, summer usually means tons of SPF (which always breaks me out), oily skin and dilated pores. Why can't I have perfect glowing skin year-round, please tell me!?

Let me introduce my latest obsession, Clarins new Pore Control Serum. It visibly tightens enlarged pores, making the skin's surface smoother and pores nearly disappear. I was pretty surprised at how well it worked. How is this possible?! Magic?! 

Well, it's not magic but these ingredients: Vine Flower Cells Extract tightens and firms enlarged pores. Tamarind Pulp Acid helps remove dead cells that can clog pores. Organic Strawberry Fruit helps regulate oil production. 

I love using this as it makes my skin pretty close to perfect. Even though my makeup sits really well on top, this product has helped me go makeup free most days. Who wouldn't love a product that minimizes pores, smoothes skin texture, and boosts healthy radiance? My favorite part is that I can put it all over my face and it absorbs most of the oil super fast! I prefer using this in the morning under my makeup but you can use it at night too. 

Thank you Clarins for sending me this product, it has changed my Summer routine! It truly does smooth out my skin and make my pores nearly invisible. Once my bottle is empty you bet I'll be buying another! 

I find it so important, especially having skin issues, to be honest about the products I try. If something does/doesn't work for me I will let you guys know! I would never put something on my site if I didn't truly believe in it!

Check out my go-to summer product here!

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