Dining Room Goals

1. Scandinavian Designs Dining Table - My friend Chloe bought this dining table and I googled it the second I saw it for the first time.
2. Safavieh Arm Chair - If this chair matched the color of the dining table I would totally buy it. The woven detail on the seat is my favorite.
3. Faux Palm Plant & Planter - Now I would probably purchase a real plant but couldn't find any online to link! This is a good alternative if you don't have a green thumb but still want plants around. A few of my friends have purchased this one and really recommend.
4. Minted Joshua Tree Art - I LOVE Minted. They have such good prints/frames. I have about 5 pending in my cart, I can't make up my mind!
5. Vintage Rug - I have been searching for a vintage rug for maybe a year.  I can't find one I really love. I've heard the Rosebowl Flea Market has the best ones so I guess I will just have to make the trip down to get one!
6. Warwick Cabinet - I think most people use this as a tv stand in the living room but that doesn't work for my house. This will be perfect to store any extra plates and whatever miscellaneous things I need to hide!

Last Friday I stayed in (shocker) and photoshopped my dream dining room. Goals right? I'm in full on nesting mode and I desperately want to redo my house. Unfortunately when you rent, redoing a house that isn't your forever home isn't ideal. I'm really loving this little photoshop dining room I put together, I can see it all fitting perfectly in my dining room.

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