Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Found the perfect workout set for Valentine's day from Beach Riot top + bottoms.  Look at those little hearts! Beach Riot is my go-to for workout clothes, all sets are so flattering and comfy.

Now to the good stuff, my Valentine's gift guide. 

9. Lane And Mane Wool Blanket cheaper version here.

Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I remember in elementary school you would have to make a V-Day card for every kid in your class. Getting 30 cute little heart cards with lots of candy always filled my heart. For years, I've heard a lot of trash talk about Valentine's Day.  Mainly, that it's stupid to celebrate your love for someone only one day a year and that we should do it 365 days a year. I agree that we should do nice things for our significant others every day and that it shouldn't take a holiday to get that done. But guess what? That isn't always realistic.  When two people work full-time jobs and have opposite schedules it can be hard to get that quality time in. I think it's sweet that couples plan dates on this day and actually make an effort. I'm not huge on crowds so we will probably pick up take out from our favorite restaurant and see a movie at home (pig out on candy/chocolate). And honestly, I can't wait!

If you are having trouble finding a gift for Valentine's Day look no further! I put together some of my favorite gifts I have received in the past and ones I wouldn't mind getting in the future :) And who says you have to only give your bf/gf a gift? Get one for your best friend/mom/sister/grandma...!

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