Overalls and Heels

Overalls: Paige Denim  'Sierra'
Heels: Saint Laurent
Bag: Céline
A few days ago I received these amazing overalls in the mail couldn't wait to try them on.  I haven't worn overalls since I was 10 years old and those back then were not as flattering as now! I've been looking for a good pair of overalls for awhile and now that they are back in "style" I had a lot to choose from.  Unfortunately because of my height a lot of them were way too long and baggy! Thankfully Paige makes the perfect pair.  The patchwork on the knees make it more contemporary to me rather than farmer (heh).  Overalls are so versatile, you have endless options of what to wear as a top that will completely change the look.  Now I'm definitely in the market for a flare version of these, fingers crossed!

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